EXCLUSIVE: How Mabel Ledwaba turned her bedroom salon into a massive beauty empire!

Mabel Ledwaba on her make-up line - Havillah

Mabel Ledwaba is the founder of Havillah Beauty. A passionate beautician who founded a make-up line that is today worth over R2.5 million and has a presence in all nine provinces of South Africa.Tapping into a market at a time when international cosmetics dominated in South Africa, she was determined to make a mark as a local brand. She is now listed amongst top women in the beauty industry to look out for in 2021 and she joins us to share more.

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Founder of Havillah Beauty Mabel Ledwaba empowering women through the beauty industry

Mabel Ledwaba the Founding Director of Havillah Beauty was recognised for her stellar work by Forbes Africa as one of the leading women to watch out for in 2021. However, the die hard beautician is not only centred on external beauty and making profits only. Mabel Ledwaba’s heart is also on mentoring women on a more personal level. Thoriso Maloka speaks to Mabel Ledwaba and Mbali Nyikiza about how HavilLah has grown over the years, this time around she will share her work with other women have been empowered.