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All you need to know about the our products and why you should choose Havillah Beauty Products.

Eventone Questions and Answers

    The even tone cream is used to remove age spots, blemishes, hyper-pigmentation, dark spots, old scars, sun tan, dark discolourations. The creams work to gradually restore your natural skin complexion and visibly reduce the appearance of dark marks and blemishes. 
  • Havillah Even Tone Cream is formulated to
    - Get rid of uneven skin tone and skin dullness
    - Improves skin tone and complexion
    - Boost skin repair and regeneration
    - Prevents signs of skin ageing
    - Promote cell renewal for radiant skin
    - Improves skin appearance and skin texture
    - Helps to enhance skin radiance, smoothness and brightness
  • How do I apply the cream? 
    Cleanse your face with Havillah African Black soap and evenly apply a thick layer of the cream on the affected area at night. The cream will dissolve into the skin. 
  • What do I apply during the day?
    It is very important that you wear suncreen protection during the day. We recommend using Havillah Wonder Cream together with SPF 30 or Havillah 3-in-1 foundation which already has SPF 30.
  • How Long do I have to use the Cream?The Havillah Even Tone cream is a treatment, once your skin has been cleared out we recommend that you stop using the cream. You may use it once a week for maintenance and continue using Havillah night serum.
  • I have sensitive skin, can I use the cream  
    The cream is recommended for sensitive skin as it moisturises and renews skin cells.
  • Will I experience any Irritation?
    The cream has been tested for skin, after the first application some people with deep pigmentation may feel a slight itchiness on the area you applied this is normal and should last for a few minutes.
  • Since I started using the cream, I’m experiencing Break-outs?
    Some people may experience breakouts or slight irritation. This process is called “purging”. The nutrient-rich and rejuvenating properties of the product is sinking deep into your pores and flushing out toxins under the surface of your skin and they are coming out. Be consistent and continue using the product, your skin will climatize to the product and your skin will look healthier.
  • When Will I start to see Results? 
    With proper application you will start to see visible results in three (3) weeks.
  • If I stop using the cream, will the Hyperpigmentation and acne spots come Back?Acne spots do not come back as they are a result of scarring which is an external skin problem. However hyperpigmentation is a hormonal problem, it comes from the inside, you will find that after a while it will start to come back. Therefore we advice that you use the cream once or twice a week to mantain and use the Havillah night serum daily.
  • Does the product have any side effects, won’t it thin my skin.?
    The product has been tested and it has no side effects. It is recommended to be used as a treatment for a specific skin sproblem such as acne spots, hyperpigmentation etc. and not for daily use if you do not have skin problem. Havillah night serum is recommended for daily use when you do not have any skin problems.

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