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All you need to know about the our products and why you should choose Havillah Beauty Products.

Make-up Questions and Answers

  • Q: What kind of foundation is Havillah make-up? 
    Havillah Make-up is a cream foundation.
  • Q: How long does the foundation last? 
    The foundation gives you 70 applications, on average it lasts 2 months .
  • Q: Which products do you have in your make-up range?
    We have the foundation, setting powder, 5 types of bronzers but two colours are popular and foundation pallettes.
  • Q: Which products should I buy to contour and highlight? 
    To contour and highlight you will use 3 different colour foundations.
    1st colour to match your skin colour,
    2nd colour to highlight, define eyebrows, use on eyeshadow base and to do cut crease,
    3rd colour to contour.
  • Q: Why is the setting powder white? 
    Havillah Setting powder is translucent, it takes the colour of your foundation .
  • Q: Why do I need to apply the powder?
    The setting powder sets your foundation and ensures that your make-up lasts you the whole day. It guarantees you the 24 hour coverage. 
  • Q: How many times do I need to apply the make-up? 
    You only apply once in the morning, it lasts you the whole day. To refresh your make-up you just need to dab with a tissue, you should not reapply the powder.
  • Q:How do I remove the make-up? 
    You can use facial wipes to remove. Wash off with soap or cleanser.
  • Q: How many colours do you have in the product range? 
    We have 12 colours of foundation to choose from but we focus on the 6 best selling colours which are in the 6 shade foundation pallette.
  • Q: Do you have colours for very light skin? 
    Yes we have a caucasion range, for coloured and asian skin tones.
  • Q: I want to order, how will you know my colour?
    We will diagnose your colour for you, send us a picture of your face without make-up, without filters taken on natural light. 
  •  Q: Do you sell colour make-up like mascara's lipsticks etc.?
    Havillah Make-up is a house of foundation and concealers. We do not offer lipsticks, mascara etc. Our range consists of foundation and concealers, bronzers, and eyeshadows (for professional use)

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